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Earlier this year at GoldSpring, we began to detect that the hotel rate loading performance on many hotel programs was slightly lower than usual. In response, we developed an audit report to monitor actual bookings made by clients in comparison to the negotiated rates, to see if our clients were being adversely impacted. The results were rather surprising and revealed issues that went far deeper than rate loading problems.

Recently, we surveyed travel managers to find out how they are compensating their travel management companies (TMCs). Not much has changed since commissions to travel agencies went away in 2002. But, are there alternates and is it time?

Car Rental is often overlooked as a travel segment that offers an opportunity for significant savings.  Evergreen agreements have become the norm in this sector, and with all the demands put on travel category managers, there is a tendency in the industry to just “let it ride.” In reality, if you have not conducted a car rental request for proposal (RFP) in the last three years, you are likely missing the opportunity for savings.