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At GoldSpring, we are dedicated to helping travel managers cut through the noise and focus on those areas most relevant to improving their programs. In that light, we offer the following summary of what we consider to be the top takeaways from GBTA Convention 2017.

The reality is that educating travel, meetings and events managers and procurement folks to follow new, more efficient processes and adopt new technology takes careful planning and consistent, dedicated communication. Yet travel and meeting managers all too often fall under the spell of the myth of the “M” word. That is, if they’ve been able to win a mandate from a CEO or other senior executive (for, let’s say, a new travel or meetings policy), they think all will magically fall into place, and everyone will follow that mandate.

Here at GoldSpring, we are busy making final preparations for GBTA Convention 2017 in Boston. Session presentations are being finalized, schedules coordinated, appointments booked, and social plans made. With this year marking the 20th (or more!) GBTA Convention for several of our team members, we thought we’d share our advice and wisdom gained over the years with our readers.