Bringing the Traveler Experience into the Light

They are talking, but are you in the conversation?

By Will Tate, Partner

Your travel program cannot exist without your travelers; they make the difference in your success. Every program has areas of traveler dissatisfaction whether you actively measure satisfaction or not. These drivers are often hidden within the metrics you currently use to gauge the effectiveness of your programs. When left unchecked or informally tracked, even the smallest of issues around traveler dissatisfaction can have a pervasive and costly domino effect on your program. Influences like social media, personalization of travel apps and open booking have further complicated the buyer’s ability to efficiently manage traveler loyalty.

Supplier managed surveys are limited in scope and benchmarks, and require managing multiple processes and streams – further obstructing your view of program issues. It becomes imperative to own your travel survey process to uncover dissatisfaction levels across your organization, which will allow you to:

  • Be proactive – you’ll identify potential issues and key trends to quickly solve systematic issues.
  • Be strategic – understanding your travelers affords you focused and strategic direction.
  • Be present – caring about your travelers’ opinions builds stronger relationships, resulting in increased loyalty.
  • Be relevant – delivering measurable improvements demonstrates management effectiveness, to both travelers and superiors.

By connecting traveler experience with procurement driven programs you will create tangible value, unlocking new savings opportunities despite increased traveler demands.

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