WT-0815Welcome to the current issue of our newsletter, GoldSpring Insights.

Like it or not, it’s here, just like every year… hotel negotiation season. No need to dread (well, maybe a little) as we’ve outlined some unique ways to make this hotel season the best one ever. Too often we focus primarily on the cost of the stay, discounting the traveler’s experience. Check out Margaret’s take on how you can combine these important elements right now.

As you’ll find in Julie’s policy summary, best practice requires keeping your policy clear, brief, and up to date.

A special thank you to all who completed our virtual card survey. Enjoy our infographic as well as Colleen’s observations on this very hot topic.

Travel management issues can seem daunting. Our hope is to unravel them a bit to offer you focused, specific improvement ideas that make it as simple as possible!

We welcome your comments and feedback, and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming industry gatherings.


Will Tate, Partner
GoldSpring Consulting

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