Strategic Meeting Management for Small Meetings

By: Garth Joplin

Strategic Meetings Management has developed significantly in last few years and is on the cusp of even more change, in both planning and onsite management/engagement technology.  On the planning side, companies are recognizing that there is a vast, untapped set of meetings:  simple and small.

The value proposition is to provide a low-cost method of contracting space for those meetings that can be arranged on a self-serve basis by the meeting owner. These meetings consist of just one, or one type of meeting room, a small number of attendees, and perhaps but not necessarily guest rooms.  There are no large savings opportunities that can be negotiated and the events aren’t complicated. Think of a meeting with a dozen or so attendees, one speaker/presenter, AV and F&B only being held in a single meeting room, or at a restaurant.

Akin to self-booking tools for transient travel, the tools themselves are user-friendly.

Although venue prices can be negotiated through these tools, because the numbers are small, sourcing costs of traditional methods can eat up savings opportunities quickly. The goal is to keep administrative costs low, find suitable venues at a competitive cost, and move on to the planning or true value-add stage.

GoldSpring Consulting was an early adopter for small/simple meetings technology solutions to handle this sector of corporate meetings and are working with several clients on assessing opportunities, negotiating with the tech solution providers, and implementing the new systems.

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