The Boston Consulting Group suggests that by 2019 APAC will surpass North America as the world’s wealthiest region. That’s a powerful prediction. Given there are emerging economies to consider as well as a determined China – an entity unto itself – GDP rates are strong. That means business is robust With GoldSpring Consulting being a […]

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GBTA Convention 2018

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World Bank Sprints to Global Meetings Management

By Chris Davis Progress in Washington, D.C., can be a sluggish beast, with any incremental change the product of a long-winded process of committees, negotiations and lots and lots of talking. But don’t tell that to the D.C.-headquartered World Bank, which floored the accelerator to create a strategic meetings management program and roll it out […]

The Stress of Business Travel Poll – Your Surprising Feedback

By Will Tate, Partner Is business travel a good or bad thing? We consistently hear travel studies showing the stress of business travel causes lower employee morale, personal frustration, and general unpleasantness.  But, could there be a lighter side?  This month’s GoldSpring survey asked just that – with some surprising results. We first asked, “When you […]

Three Best Practices to Manage TMC Bids

By Deb Blowers, Senior Consultant We recently welcomed a 4-month-old puppy into our home. He requires daily engagement, a training strategy to make him successful, and clear rules to help him adjust to his new surroundings. Just as a puppy needs all these things, so does a TMC RFP project to be successful. Here are […]

Is Dynamic Pricing Relevant for Your Hotel Programme?

By: Kevin Iwamoto Now that hotels are better optimising revenue per room, travel buyers need to think carefully about their sourcing model In full transparency, I was a global hotel programme category leader for HP for many years. We had the large volume global spend numbers that suppliers worldwide find exciting and attractive. We had […]