Category Feature Free Online Survey Tools Specialized Survey Tools Industry Survey Tools SpringBoard Survey™

General Features Results based on travelers and arrangers, rather than one person for entire company

Survey of all travelers/travel arrangers for company opinion

Experience Travel Management Program Expertise

Reporting Reporting Dashboard

Comment Analysis and Dashboard

Analytics Provided for Any Combination of 7 Standard Demographics

Survey Development Standardized Surveys Available for Corporate Travel

Customized Surveys Available for Corporate Travel

Distribution Email Distribution

Email Bounces Worked

Smart Email Naming Tags

Scheduled Delivery Unique to Country/Time Zone

Benchmarking Travel Manager Perception Survey Benchmarked to Actual Results

Core Questions Available for Benchmarks

Benchmarking against more than 90 TMCs

Benchmarking against more than 20 online booking tools

Benchmarking against more than 180 combinations of TMC and Online Booking Tool

Comment Benchmarking by Common Categories

Accuracy and Reliability Survey Scale Validation as Best for Intended Purpose

Survey Questions Validated for Neutrality

Survey Calculations Audited and Validated

Survey Invitee List Integrity Validation

IP Auditing for Survey Integrity