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Let's demystify all things technology.  GoldSpring knows what's out there and how solutions are best deployed. Join us to talk about breaking down the myriad of options, old and new, and how to take a strategic, actionable approach to untangling your technology and optimizing your travel program.

What's In It For You?

Push through the noise, gain confidence and make the right technology decisions to make your job, and your travelers’ lives, easier.

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What's In It For Your Program?


See how you can start to ensure all the technology you touch is fully optimized and working together to suit your travel program. 

4 Steps to Untangling the Tech Mess

Looking Under the Hood


We’ll show you how to take a step back and look at all of your technology touchpoints, stand-alone and via your TMC.  Get a handle on what you’re using today -- even on what may be happening behind the scenes.


A Technology Diagnostic

We’ll talk about ways to dig deeper, what to look for and how find out what’s really working and what’s not. Begin the process of learning what potential improvements can be had. 

An Intelligent Inventory


We’ll brief you on new technologies and micro trends, what’s out there, what’s noise, what’s best in market and what’s best practice.  Consider what’s best-suited for your program, either now or for the future.

Putting a Plan
In Place


We’ll look at key metrics for  improvement and how to lay out next steps in a prescriptive action plan.  Know what your next steps are in tackling the technology hurdles to bring clarity and success to your program.

More from GoldSpring Consulting

When it comes to technology, GoldSpring can look closely at all your solutions.  We know the trends and emerging technology and know what works and what doesn't.  We evaluate your program and share better strategies and best practices.  We can recommend upgrades, reconfigurations, eliminations or new solutions you may want to consider further, whether stand alone or as part of your TMC offering.

If you haven’t looked under the hood in a while, now may be the time to take stock.  You may be surprised to find there are realistic and feasible alternatives to your current set up and cost-saving techniques that will make your program better and your life simpler.

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