Industry Poll:
Biggest Change for Travel Manager Role

Take our poll below, and we will share the results with the industry very soon. 

Using the options listed, please rank what you consider to be the biggest change pre-COVID to post-COVID for the Travel Manager role. Use 1 for biggest change, followed by 2 for next biggest change, 3 for the third biggest change, and so on. Ties are okay.  For example, if you have 3 that you believe are equal for biggest change, answer 1 for those three, then use 4 for the next biggest change. 

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Amendment of the Expense Policy
Amendment of Travel Policy
Communication: Specific to Health and Safety
Communication: Other types (excludes Health and Safety)
Management of Internal Stakeholders
Management of Suppliers
Risk/Duty of Care Initiatives
Staying Current for Changing Travel Industry
Working with DE&I
Working with Sustainability
I am a:

Thank you for your participation! We will be sharing results with the industry very soon.