Jan 28,2020


Op Ed:  Kevin Coffey on What Travel Managers Should Know About The Coronavirus

There's been a lot of confusion since the novel coronavirus emerged...Kevin Coffey, senior risk consultant at GoldSpring, offers insights and advice...READ MORE

Jan 9, 2020


ARC Creates Model for Determining Marketshare Goals in Corporate Airline Deals

ARC is building a model to to help assess the proportion of passengers in a given market that should fly on each airline based on prevailing conditions...Neil Hammond work with QSI Modeling at GoldSpring...READ MORE

Oct 17, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting Welcomes Cindy Fisher as Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development

GoldSpring Consulting, a leader in business travel and meetings consultancy, welcomes Cindy Fisher as head of global business development.  Fisher will lead GoldSpring in building its global footprint, offering travel buyers program assessment, sourcing, implementation and program management consulting services....READ MORE

Sep 17, 2019


Norwegian Government Agency Modifies Travel Behavior Using Distaste for Doing Expense Reports Twice

Constant rerouting of a report is another method, said GoldSpring Consulting's Will Tate.  He also remembered a different example.  Twenty years ago, Bob Grant of Charles Schwab won accolades for aggressively pushing online booking as an alternative to calling agents.  Grant did it partly by creating extra long telephone hold times, complete with messaging about the benefits of self-booking...READ MORE

Sep 17, 2019


Suzanne Boyan's Bold Experiment Could Herald Corporate Travel's New Era

GoldSpring Consulting partner Will Tate, who advised ZS during the conception of the program, illustrated the difference between Boyan's decentralized approach and the "platform" model: In a platform model, TMCs play a role similar to Walmart or Netflix, acting as hubs to connect customers to a slate of offerings. That convenience, though, comes with a limited selection. "The whole value proposition comes down to … READ MORE

Sep 9, 2019


Is Any Company Too Small for Travel Management?

"For the most part, we seem to get interest starting at about $500,000 in air," said Goldspring Consulting partner Will Tate, whose company, among other services, helps clients source TMCs. "When the business owner can't be looking at every ticket, that's when they start looking at managed travel."...READ MORE

Sep 11, 2019


How CRM Is Transforming Corporate Travel Buyer/Supplier Relationships

The question for travel buyers is how they should respond to this brave new CRM-led world, which makes suppliers far better informed. The consequences are nothing to be scared of, in the view of GoldSpring Consulting associate Chris Pouney, who also is Midlands branch chair of the U.K.'s Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. "The quality of sales has increased immeasurably over the last few years, either through better salespeople or more likely through companies deploying this kind of technology," Pouney said. "I can think of global bids in the past where the TMC did not know it was serving me elsewhere. I am seeing a lot more joined-up thinking."..READ MORE

July 31, 2019


TravelPerk's Insurance Plan Reimagines Refundability

In the mind of GoldSpring partner Neil Hammond, the change rate that matters is specifically for trips using nonrefundable fares and rates.  "Quite lower" than the overall change rate, that figure "is the number that will determine the percentage margin that TravelPerk needs to make,"...READ MORE

July 10, 2019


TripBam Automation Will Relentlessly Bug Hotels Violating Deals

It's important to hold hotels accountable, according to Neil Hammond, a partner at GoldSpring Consulting, which works closely with TripBam on behalf of clients.  "The revenue folks out there are tweaking everything and the sales person doesn't know the client is affected.  This will bring more awareness to that sales person."...READ MORE

May 30, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting Launches Technology Consulting Service

GoldSpring Consulting, a leader in business travel and meetings consultancy, announced today it is enhancing its service line with a new Technology Consulting offering. Travel technologist, Charlie Mitchell, is joining GoldSpring as technology solutions consultant and will focus on helping GoldSpring clients untangle and assess the myriad of technology options available to today’s travel buyers...READ MORE

May 3, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting on Best Practices in Booking Tool Implementations

GoldSpring Consulting Kathy Kent and Jennifer Donnelly know the challenges of getting travelers to use designated online corporate booking tools.  The two senior consultants provide pointers in several areas to smooth the implementation process and give program managers the best shot at getting employees to comply with policies and processes...READ MORE at THE COMPANY DIME.

March 19, 2019


A Few Minutes with GoldSpring Consulting, Episode 2

GoldSpring partner Will Tate talks to Jay Campbell about Southwest Airlines' requirements for credit card use, supplier promotions on the Tripism platform and opportunities for SAP

Concur's newest rivals...LIST NOW at THE COMPANY DIME.

March 3, 2019


How to Encrypt Documents that Save Sensitive Attendee Information

Thanks to the May 2018 implementation of the European Data Union's General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), meetings professionals all over the world have spent the last year talking about data privacy and protection...READ MORE AT SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS.

February 7, 2019


A Few Minutes with GoldSpring Consulting, Episode 1

GoldSpring partner Neil Hammond talks to Jay Campbell about industry activity in which providers seek more ownership of the user experience...LISTEN NOW.

December 5, 2018


GoldSpring Consulting Hires Senior Staff, Augments Travel Management Core

Gordon and Tournier on board amid increasing demand for procurement, pricing, meetings consulting...READ MORE.

OCTOBER 9, 2018



The Boston Consulting Group suggests that by 2019 APAC will surpass North America as the world’s wealthiest region. That’s a powerful prediction. Given there are emerging economies to consider as well as a determined China..READ MORE.

Jan 24, 2020


More TMC No-Bids Mean Buyers Selling Like Never Before

Will Tate:  TMC industry consolidation leads to TMC market power, which creates the ability to be more selective about selling opportunities. Buyers will see this in even greater numbers this year as TMCs become more inquisitive about their prospects before agreeing to enter a sales process...READ MORE

Dec 2, 2019


Finastra's Ruggiero Ready to Go Cold Turkey on Air RFPs

RFPs remain the predominant approach to air program procurement, but buyers are intensifying efforts on dynamic program management..READ MORE

Oct 2, 2019


Hyatt Enlists Safe Hotels for Audits, Optional Property Certification

Travel security expert Kevin Coffey of GoldSpring Consulting believes that the risk management of hotels are not promoted or considered enough.  He argues that they should be differentiators for buyers. "Most organizations are not paying attention to these RFP returns," he said.  They're just overwhelmed.  It comes down to price, brand loyalty and features...READ MORE

Sep 15, 2019


The Global TMC Connection 2020

For travel managers, this means expanded opportunities that go beyond the basic services of the past. “Buyers today have a good understanding of the market,” says Will Tate, a partner in the consulting firm GoldSpring. “In looking at a given TMC, the question isn't whether it can do all the basics, but how it can make business travel more efficient with better outcomes.”  Just what does that mean for international travel?..READ MORE

Sep 9, 2019


SME Travel Program Model: Custom Universe Built on Microservices

ZS's initiative could help redefine how companies buy travel and force TMCs to adapt. But is the strategy one other companies can replicate? It depends, said GoldSpring Consulting partner Will Tate, who advised ZS during the conception of the program. For one thing, it takes plenty of upfront work to assemble the perfect array of microservice providers, as opposed to contracting with a one-stop-shop TMC, he noted. Further, each specialty provider requires its own cost-benefit analysis ...READ MORE

Sep 9, 2019


Hotel Dynamic Pricing: Is It Different for SMEs, & Is It Worth It?

Another challenge to using dynamic pricing is that it's difficult to compare side by side with a negotiated static rate, said GoldSpring Consulting partner Neil Hammond. "Which is better, the 15 percent discount or a flat rate? We don't know," he said. "You need to know with that flat rate what you would have paid [for a consumer rate] so that you could convert it to a percentage and then how available it was." He gave an example...READ MORE

Aug 28, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting and Chris Pouney Announce Business Travel Consulting Partnership in EMEA

GoldSpring Consulting, a leader in business travel and meetings consultancy, announced today it is bolstering its presence in EMEA by partnering with Chris Pouney, a leading independent business travel consultant in the region. Pouney, a business travel industry veteran and procurement expert, expands his travel management consulting portfolio, now offering hotel and airline sourcing to his client base while bringing GoldSpring more EMEA regional presence and specialization in procurement consulting..READ MORE


July 17, 2019


Industry Vets and a Newbie Muse on Travel Management Metrics That Matter

Tate said small and midmarket firms lacking big discounts from airlines and hotels could look to program compliance to drive savings.  That, he said, should be the definition of success because non-compliant travelers lead to higher costs than compliant ones.  "It's a battle for traveler loyalty," Tate said. "The agency has to deliver a better mousetrap."...READ MORE

June 20, 2019


Companies That Spend More on Travel See Big Boost to Business

“While you can’t spend your way to success, you can’t cost-cut your way to it either,” Will Tate, partner at GoldSpring Consulting, told researchers. “Finding the right balance is key, and organizations need to look for the optimal way to spend their travel dollars for an optimal return.”  The report also correlates the benefits of higher investment in travel with the use of a single travel management company...READ MORE

May 6, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting Announces Traveler Safety and Risk Management Service Line

Risk reduction mega expert, Kevin Coffey, to join

GoldSpring and lead the charge...READ MORE

April 12, 2019


It's Time to Revisit Travel Management Company - Implementation Readiness

The readiness standards for a travel program to implement a new travel management company have changed. What was once considered "go state" is simply not enough today to avoid pitfalls. It's time for ...READ MORE at BUSINESS TRAVEL NEWS.

March 18, 2019


TMC Sourcing Still Needs the RFP

“The report of my death was an exaggeration,” wrote Mark Twain. 

In recent months, much discussion has ensued about the value of the travel management company RFP and its future place, if any, in the TMC sourcing process...READ MORE at TRAVEL PROCUREMENT MAGAZINE.

March 1, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting on Finding Value in Strategic Meetings Management

It's Adam Gordon's turn to share...In this From The Field guidepost, the senior consultant delvers into measuring the value of strategic meetings programs.  While savings is the metric that gets the most attention, Gordon contends that it's not nearly enough for understanding the benefits to  an organization...READ MORE at THE COMPANY DIME.

January 31, 2019


GoldSpring Consulting Launches SpringBoard Implementation, Advocates for Buyers

Kathy Kent, new senior consultant, hired to lead full-service implementation consultancy...READ MORE.

October 30, 2018


GoldSpring Consulting Promotes Kevin Iwamoto to Senior Vice President

Industry icon and influencer contributes to GoldSpring exponential growth in customer engagements...READ MORE.

MAY 7, 2018


Are You Ready for GDPR?

Successful Meetings spoke with Kevin Iwamoto, senior consultant at travel consultancy GoldSpring Consulting, who has been urging organizations in the travel and events industry to prepare for the impact the regulation will have on their business...READ MORE AT SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS.