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Start Date

October 2023


4 weeks

About the Course

Class I: ESG Overview with Focus on Environmental

Monday, October 9th at 11 am CT (Make up on Monday, October 16th at 10 am CT)

Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

 We’ll begin with clear definitions of ESG and the intersection with culture and DEI.  We will then, dive straight into the Environmental portion.  What has been done, by which travel category, and how do buyers incorporate into their sourcing or programs at large?


Class II: Social Criteria

Monday, October 16th at 11 am CT (Make up on Monday, October 23rd at 10 am CT)

Instructor:  Will Tate, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

 We’ll focus on the Social criteria and how companies treats their people.  We incorporate cultural assessments, diversity equity and inclusion into our industry review.  We’ll look both internally and externally to helpful tools and processes.  We’ll conclude with one potential framework for moving forward.


​Class III:  Governance

Monday, October 23rd at 11 am CT (Make up on Monday, October 30th at 10 am CT)

Instructor: Cindy Fisher, SVP, Strategic Business Development, GoldSpring Consulting

The Governance criteria examines how a corporation polices itself and share different approaches.  We’ll review internal and external strategies and evaluations for integrating with travel programs.

Class IV: Q&A Session

Monday, October 30th at 11 am CT

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