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Aired: April 26, 2022

Edyta Satchell
Global Wellness Expert

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Emotional Wellness: 
How to keep business travel
brains focused on success!

We welcome back Edyta Satchell, global wellness expert, to educate us on a different dimension of wellness.  Maybe you've heard the latest buzz words -- self-care, meditation, mindfulness...but Emotional Wellness is so much more.  Join us, and Edyta will teach you how to:


  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are silently keeping you trapped from reaching your full potential or going after that next-level promotion

  • Develop a money mindset to be emotionally well with money and train your brain to make more 

  • Master the art of gratitude to shift your fears  into a place of abundance and opportunity

  • Apply the two states of being and learn to stay in a powerful state all the time – no matter what is going on at work or at home

  • Establish the right daily habits to keep you focused, 100% resilient, and energized to go after more of what you want in life

Who doesn't need this?

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