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GoldSpring at GBTA 2021

We were proud to attend GBTA 2021. Catch the replays below!  

GBTA Against Odds.png

No time. No bandwidth. No resources. You know which pieces of your program are mission-critical and you're faced with making it happen. How do you prioritize and push through -- implementing virtual card, policy changes and mandates, sourcing a new TMC/OBT…? Listen to three buyers talk about how they got creative to get support when the deck was stacked against them to ultimately put their programs, and themselves on the path to success.

GBTA Using Data.png

Due to supply challenges, and an unpredictable pace of return and demand, 2021 and 2022 promises a volatile market for sourcing hotels.
Attend this session to learn what hotel procurement strategy works best for your program, how to proactively and effectively measure your hotel program contract performance, ongoing opportunities and ensure you are always getting the best deal. In addition, it will review ways to ensure it is nimble to adjust quickly and effectively.

GBTA Mine the Gap.png

When people ask what to use for a data source, there are so many possibilities and it seems none of them tell the complete story. What data sources are needed, and how can we combine them to see a complete data story? Once we do, what does this data tell us and how can we act upon it? This session provides answers with input from a TMC, buyer and data partner. Walk away knowing more about how to combine the right data sources and how this benefits you, your travelers and your organization.

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