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Friday Webinar: Travel Buyers Talk

COVID-19 Emerging Strategies

Friday, May 1, 2020 - Recording Below

Barbara Arena.jpg

Barbara Arena

Principal Category Manager, Oracle

Lisa Wilke.jpg

Lisa Wilke

Corporate Travel Manager, Nationwide

Mark Ziegler.jpg

Mark Ziegler

Sr. Travel Manager


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It’s time to talk about what’s next...Join GoldSpring Consulting partner, Will Tate, as he moderates a panel of corporate travel experts to discuss travel policy, traveler trust, a new era for risk and duty of care, and how to move forward with suppliers. 

We've continued our dialogue with buyers, meeting with more than 100 in just the past week, and it's apparent things are changing quickly.  It's time to look toward the horizon.  We'll speak with panelists about the important issues facing travel managers and suppliers amidst the current and soon-to-come COVID-19 industry landscape.

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