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Friday Webinar: Travel Buyers Talk

Task Force & Return To Travel

Friday, Jun 26, 2020 - 11AM CDT

Toby Guest.jpg

Toby Guest

Global Procurement Manager, Bayer

Rosemary Maloney.jpg

Rosemary Maloney

Global Travel Manager, Sprinklr


Harry Perales

Global Travel Director, UPS

It's that time again...let's take stock together with a focus on what companies are doing relative to the enterprise-wide task force and the return to travel. 


Have a task force?  Don't have a task force?  Either way, you're sure to learn some actionable insights from this panel of your peer travel experts.  Join Will Tate and three of our industry's well-known buyers to talk about: 

  • Have you worked with others to develop travel plans in future (like a task force)?

  • If so, what are the components of that return to travel plan?

  • What are the key areas you are currently working on with travel volumes low?

  • How are you working with your key suppliers during this time (air/hotel/TMC, etc.)

  • What changes to travel management do you believe will be permanent from this pandemic? 

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