GoldSpring provides strategic review, sourcing, implementation and ongoing program management services in the following categories:

Airline  •  Hotel  •  Ground Transportation  •  Travel Policy  •  TMC  •  Online Booking Tool  •  Corporate Payment  •
Travel Management Strategy  •  Outsourced Travel Management  •  Meetings and Events  •  SpringBoard Survey


In today’s business environment there are many options for the structure and supplier of your organization’s corporate payment process.

Some of the factors to be considered include the:

  • Reporting Needed from the System
  • Acceptance Level of the Chosen Product
  • Administration of the Card
  • Liability for the Charges
  • Method of Payment for the Charges
  • Use of Central Bill Cards for Some Expenses
  • Benefit of the Card with an Automated Expense Reporting Tool
  • Incentives Offered by Card Providers

All of these factors need to be analyzed in determining the best card for your organization. GoldSpring has the expertise and experience required to help you make that best selection. We will gain an understanding of your needs, conduct the RFP process, analyze the bids, and make a recommendation of the optimal answer for you. Once the decision is made we can work with you and the chosen card supplier to ensure the best possible implementation of the new card program.