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We can help improve your ground transportation program.  Our process includes a program strategy review, management of the RFP process, analysis of the proposals and negotiation assistance.



SpringBoard Ground Transport™ is our industry-leading program designed specifically to support every component of your ground transportation program.  We see clients get a lot of return from a small investment in ground strategy and program management.


Our services include the following:

  • Full Program Strategy Review

  • Complete Management of the RFP Process

  • Detailed Analysis of the Proposals

  • Negotiation Assistance

Whether you need to refresh and/or improve your rental car, black car, and/or limo programs, our team can help. We know what rates should be, what fees are negotiable and which aren’t, and how to negotiate all of the charges and fees that are typically added on to the base rate.

When sourcing black car and limo services, developing a program meeting specific insurance requirements with high rates of reliability is a top priority. We know who provides the best service at the best price, and we can source and implement a high value program for you.

The cost of ground transportation sourcing services is modest, yet the typical return on your investment is significant.

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