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Let GoldSpring help you improve the experience of your travelers, arrangers, business units and program managers with our proprietary survey product.



Your employees deserve the best from your Travel Management Company (TMC), Online Booking Tool (OBT) and Hotel Program. Improve the experience of your travelers, arrangers, business units and program managers with our survey product, SpringBoard Survey™. Our proprietary tool allows you to evaluate your travel program and view results in multiple levels and formats (e.g. graph, table) as well as:

  • Improve your traveler response rate

  • Compare your survey results to industry peers

  • View your results multi dimensionally (e.g. by country, TMC, OBT, Hotel)

  • Sort and view benchmarked data in a modular format

  • Analyze survey comments with unlimited data views

Our time-saving, multi-dimensional SpringBoard Survey™ tool provides the information required to optimize your corporate travel program. Combined with our modular “drill down” format for multi-dimensional analysis, you’ll gain a fresh, multi-faceted view of your program.  Our questions evaluate the following:

Online Booking Tool (OBT):

  • Usability

  • Speed

  • Features

  • Ticket delivery

  • Changes

  • Effectiveness

  • Customizable Questions Available

Travel Management Company (TMC):

  • Promptness

  • Knowledge

  • Efficiency

  • Airfare/Hotel/Car Relative to Policy

  • Ticket Delivery

  • Customer Service

  • Customizable Questions Available

Airline Program

  • Flight Operations

  • Service

  • Seating

  • Pricing

  • Safety

  • Other

  • Customizable
    Questions Available

Hotel Program

  • Service

  • Value

  • Sleep Quality

  • Cleanliness

  • Location

  • Rooms

  • Customizable
    Questions Available

Capture and Analyze Results:  Discover satisfaction levels across your organization on items such as airlines, hotels, rental cars, sedan services, or expense management, all based on results and comments sortable by suppliers.

Independent, Reliable and Statistically Valid:  The SpringBoard Survey instrument and resulting data have been audited by an independent research firm and judged to be independent, reliable and statistically valid. The survey and resulting data have been independently assessed statistically and have been shown to be reliable.

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