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GoldSpring can assist in the selection of your TMC -- likely the most important sourcing decision you will make in the development of your travel management program.




Your travel management company (TMC) represents a small percentage of your organization’s overall travel spend; however, the service delivered by your TMC can be the difference between a highly successful and a mediocre travel management program. Therefore, the selection of a TMC is likely the most important sourcing decision made in the development of your travel management program.

GoldSpring works with you to assess your TMC needs and address questions such as the following:

  • Do you require a multinational or global agency?

  • Do you need a mega agency or will a regional agency provide the best support of your travel program?

  • What types of TMC delivered technology are important to you?

  • What level of service do you need from account management?

Once these questions are answered, we can assist you as you proceed to the TMC marketplace with the issuance of a RFP. GoldSpring will perform the analysis of the bids, meet with you to determine the level of responsiveness of each proposal, and support you all the way to a final decision. We can also help with the implementation should a new agency be selected.

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