GoldSpring provides strategic review, sourcing, implementation and ongoing program management services in the following categories:

Airline  •  Hotel  •  Ground Transportation  •  Travel Policy  •  TMC  •  Online Booking Tool  •  Corporate Payment  •
Travel Management Strategy  •  Outsourced Travel Management  •  Meetings and Events  •  SpringBoard Survey


Meetings Management requires a broad range of experience, skills and knowledge to design, build, and operate a strategic meetings management program (SMMP) to help your organization achieve its savings, risk mitigation, and attendee engagement goals. GoldSpring’s SMM experts assist you in developing your strategy, designing the necessary SMMP components (such as policies, processes & procurement), and configuring your technology platform for optimal program delivery, when all the SMMP pieces work in concert to achieve your organizational goals and program.

We can assist with business case development in order to sell the program to executive leadership. Once sold internally, we can help you select your meetings management agency and technology, and work with the selected providers to customize their solutions to meet your SMMP needs.

The most important component for your program is to have a short, mid and long-term strategy in order to optimize your program and keep your internal stakeholders and supporting suppliers fully aligned to your program goals,objectives and supporting the ROI metrics.

Policy assessment or development is another priority. Most companies do not have a meetings and events policy or mistakenly assume their current travel policy covers meetings and events activities. This is a major gap in judgment that must be corrected from the start of any successful SMMP.

The biggest challenges for any SMMP champion is stakeholder and change management. We provide comprehensive change management and communication strategies, templates, and expertise to proactively manage potential resistance based on our experience with a number of global program implementations.

We will help construct strategies to mitigate SMMP challenges by involving key meeting owner stakeholders in design decisions in order to give them a sense of buy-in, and prevent the emergence of resistance to change during the implementation phase. We also recommend a similar SMMP launch strategy for your existing suppliers to get them fully aligned to your program goals and objectives.

If you have an existing SMMP, we can assist you with establishing a baseline of your program using the GBTA SMM Maturity Index, and coordinate the recommended steps to take to advance the maturity of your SMMP with your suppliers.

Lastly, we provide a number of ad-hoc engagements, program and policy gap analysis, benchmarking your current hotel addendum against best practices, developing a standardized hotel addendum template, and thirteen different savings methodologies to reduce demand and spend. A commitment to launch an enterprise or Global SMMP is a major initiative; work with us to ensure your success in this unique area of emerging category spend.

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