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Key Program Elements

Start Date

October 2024


4 Weeks

About the Course

Class I:  Travel Risk Management

Dates - TBA

Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

Learn the critical considerations, technologies, best practices and more to ensure a safe and secure business travel experience. From evaluating key partners to comprehending global threat coverage, this course will provide a framework to minimize risk and maximize traveler safety.

Class II:  Ground

Dates - TBA

Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

Discover business operations, the strategic planning to meet customer needs, the vehicles available, the rates, the economic forces, the current rental car regulations and laws in this course. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain insight and develop strategies to optimize profits.

Class III:  Card and Expense Reporting

Dates - TBA

Instructor:  Will Tate, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting and Cindy Fisher, SVP Business Development

Gain the knowledge to analyze costs and maximize efficiency to ensure your organization receives value from their credit card payment solution. Explore the global, regional and individual bank providers. Master the skills to strategically pick the right payment system for cost-effectiveness. Evaluate the options for Travel & Expense, Procurement, Meetings, Virtual, Pre-loaded and Single-use cards. Leverage the power of data and reporting to make sure the selected payment system integrates well with existing systems.

Class IV:  Technology

Dates - TBA

Instructor:  Will Tate, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

Engage with our Travel Technology Master Class to understand how to use travel technologies to improve the travel experience. The course covers Technology Strategy, OBT, Mobile, GDS, Itinerary, Data Capture and Reporting, Portal (Communication), Re-shopping, Messaging, Supplier Management, Meetings & Events and other technologies such as Expense Reporting Tools, GDS, Risk Management. Through exploration of these topics, the class will help to pinpoint areas of opportunity and use cases that will increase service, cost management and efficiency. Additionally, you'll gain an understanding of best practices, considerations and steps for implementation and measuring success. With a tailored strategy and evidence-based analysis, the Travel Technology Master Class will help to create a successful end-to-end traveler experience.

Class V:  Q&A Session

Dates - TBA

Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting, Will Tate, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting, and Cindy Fisher, Partner, SVP Business Development

It's a wrap-up Q&A session, we will compile all questions asked throughout this series as well as open the floor to the audience to ask questions they may have! This is an optional class and is not required to receive certification.

Your Instructors

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