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Start Date

November 2024


4 Weeks

About the Course

Class I: An Introduction to Modern Procurement

Dates - TBA

This class offers a comprehensive look at modern procurement, from the tools and providers in the marketplace, to supplier relationship management, and ESG initiatives. Attend this session to learn the key priorities of procurement, and gain an understanding of how the discipline is evolving. Come away understanding how strategic procurement can drive business results and support ESG objectives. This session is perfect for travel professionals looking to update their knowledge of the procurement process.

Class II: Procurement and Travel Related Categories

Dates - TBA

Discover the most effective type of procurement strategies to ignite your business success. This class allows you to explore both direct and indirect procurement strategies in a comprehensive way. You will also gain insights into travel related categories and SWOT analysis to help your organization identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our experienced speakers will discuss myth busters and present insights through the form of polling, so you can find informed solutions. Don't miss out on this informative session and join us to lay the groundwork for your business success

Class III: Procurement Spotlight and Contracting

Dates - TBA

Stay ahead of the competition with this class that dives deeper into the world of procurement. From contract strategies to data privacy and SaaS vs. MSA, this training will enable procurement professionals to understand and better utilize the intricate supply chain. We will explain the differences between discounts and contracts, as well as company vs. supplier paper, to empower your procurement team. Regulatory considerations, SLAs, and a wrap up of the entire procurement series are all available for you to grasp. With this class, you are sure to be prepared for the ever-evolving world of procurement.

Class IV: Q&A

Dates - TBA

It's a wrap-up Q&A session, we will compile all questions asked throughout this series as well as open the floor to the audience to ask questions they may have! This is an optional class and is not required to receive certification.

Your Instructors

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