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Travel Management Companies

Start Date

August 2023


5 Weeks

About the Course

Learn about the value proposition and how TMCs sell. Learn how to thoroughly assess a TMC, when to consider a change, and negotiation and contracting.  We also go deep on domestic and international operations, best-in-class account management, service level agreements and financials.



Class I: The Whys and Hows of the TMC in Managed Travel

Overview: We'll build a foundation for the Module and ask why corporations need TMCs.  What should corporations expect to get. What's the value proposition, the ROI and how TMCs sell.  

Class II: Evaluating the TMC for Corporate Travel Program Best Fit

Overview: Consider how to assess the TMC and when to consider a change. What are the steps in the process and how do corporations engage leadership.  We will talk about the perfect RFP from process, to technology, negotiations and contracting.

​Class III:  Effective TMC Operations for the Corporate Travel Program

Overview: We'll take a look at effective domestic and international operations -- key success points and pain points to avoid. What are effective online and offline builds? What should companies expect when it comes to special build outs like VIP programs, hotel desks, rate-shopping and more.

Class IV: Effective TMC Account Management for the Corporate Travel Program

Overview: We'll look at how companies should build out best-in class-TMC account management service level agreements, the financials and how to monitor and continually improve the ongoing account relationship.

Your Instructors

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