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Our out of work colleagues may not be tapped in right now to the usual channels, so please reach out if you can.

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Airline Program Management 
November 2021

Maura Allen

Julia Brito

Dawn Crawford

Julia Fields

Paul Foster

Michael Goodman

Kathy Grabic

Michelle Grant

Cindy Jacisin

Chris Maguire

Megan Miller

Erin Morris

Nancy Murray

Kaitlyn Negron

Karrie Newby

Connie Pronschinske

Beth Quinn

Lisa K. Reilly

Jessica Respondek

Kathryn Rocha

Sharon Taoushiani

Pamela Taylor

Brian Vaughan

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Travel Program Strategy Success

Every Monday, Nov 29 - Dec 13

In this new GoldSpring Master Class series, we take a look at the corporate travel program big picture.  With global shifts and the constant need today to react to regulatory, market and industry changes today, travel managers can get caught up in the urgent and often tactical day to day of program operations.  Here, we’ll take a breath, step back and check in on program foundational design.

Let’s look at strategic alignment with company goals and objectives and how travel managers can set up travel program management accordingly.  How do travel managers need to design technology, travel policy, duty of care, DEI and new sustainability initiatives to factor in successfully. 


We will examine building your category management model and approach to preferred suppliers to satisfy and support your program goals and structure.  And what about key infrastructure components like TMC, OBT, mobile, payment and more.  Join us!

The Courses

The complimentary courses are deep dives on business travel topics and skills sets including airline and hotel negotiations, duty of care, procurement, technology, TMC contracts, meetings -- even career management and personal brand.  

This MODULE: Travel Program Strategy, is open now for registration. 


We hope this is an opportunity for our valued colleagues to continue to learn and hone skills during an uncertain travel market.

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Master Class: Travel Program Strategy Success
Begins Mon, Nov 29,  11am CDT
(Make-up begins Mon Dec 6, 10am CDT)

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How It Works


Review the courses for Our current module below.


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Attend the sessions.  GoldSpring Master's Certification is available for each module if you choose.


Master Class 

Schedule & Class Descriptions
All classes are Monday 11am CDT and last 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

All make-up classes are  Monday, 10am CDT one week following the original session.

Travel Program Strategy Success Master Class

Class 1: A Strategic Foundation: Build Your Company Profile
Will Tate, GoldSpring Partner, and Neil Hammond, GoldSpring Partner

Monday, Nov 29, 11am CST (make up is Mon, Dec 6, 10am CST)

In this class, we’ll set the foundation for building a strong, long-term travel program strategy aligned with company culture and business direction. How should you design your program management structure to make it all happen, and will you use technology effectively to support it?  How do you construct your travel policy and satisfy duty of care requirements, DEI and new sustainability initiatives?  What about stakeholder engagement? All of these factors and how they are approached, stack up to building a strong travel program strategy and plan.  This is intended to be an inward facing section to help you put the lens on how you view your company, needs, goals, management, objectives, culture, etc.

Class 2: Supplier Spend: Building Your Category Management Model

Instructors: Will Tate, GoldSpring Partner, and Neil Hammond, GoldSpring Partner
Monday, Dec 6, 11am CST (make up is Mon, Dec 13, 10am CST)

Taking what you want to achieve based on your company profile and travel program foundational elements above, how do you set up your primary supplier categories?  We’ll look at each – air, lodging and ground – and what goes into setting it up to meet your unique requirements.  We’ll consider how you should approach the business relationships, getting what you need in your markets and from your preferred suppliers, data and reporting, negotiation tactics, and more.


Class 3: Taking It To The Next Level: Building Your Supplier Infrastructure
Will Tate, GoldSpring Partner, and Neil Hammond, GoldSpring Partner
Monday, Dec 13, 11am CST (make up is Mon, Dec 20, 10am CST)

Let’s look at core operations and setting yourself up for success, starting with your TMC.  How do you strategically assess your program and its requirements?  What’s your OBT/Mobile strategy and how much does this factor in with your TMC choice?  We’ll look at the latest options and how to consider the best fit for expense, card and payment.  We’ll close the loop with data and reporting and show you how it feeds back into ongoing strategic planning and practice.

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