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Now open to all business travel industry professionals during this uncertain time, complimentary.


Business travel “Master's” training sponsored and facilitated by GoldSpring Consulting.  


Our out of work colleagues may not be tapped in right now to the usual channels, so please reach out if you can.

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We are honored to announce the following
individuals recently completed:

Hotel Program Management - June 2021

Shelby Adams

Veronique Adrien

Bev Allen

Elise Antonelli

Mary Ellen Buckland

Tammy Clark

Phyllis Coulter

Debra Denton

Kelly Duggan

Thomas Dusing

Carol Ecob

Brian Elsden

Sharon Fogarty

Michael Goodman

Michelle Grant

Lisa Grogan

Cindy Jacisin

Nancy Jaeger

Tricia Jenkins

Claire Langford

Christine Lardizabal

Fabiola Lopez

JoAnn Loreto

Rosemary Maloney

Andrea Manley

Melinda Miller

Robert Murray

Nancy Murray

Kaitlyn Negron

Karrie Newby

Anne Oxley

Laura Pagan

Elaine Price

Connie Pronschinske

Jerry Puda

Beth Quinn

Nidia Quintero

Sheral Ramcharan

Angela Redel-Gomez

Debra Reid

Gary Samosky

Katie Schaefer

Brenda Sherman

Nicole Tan

Laura Thompson

Lisa Tobasco

Robin Trusso

Joe Veasey

Deborah Willis

Shawanda Witterstaetter

Jolanta Zawistowska-Chirea

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Meetings Management

Every Monday, Aug 16 - Sep 20 

Learn from the GoldSpring meetings team as we discuss everything you need to know about the business of Meetings Management.   We'll take a fun look at meetings history and then dive into designing and leading an effective M&E program -- from framework, to stakeholder management, various operating models, financials and more. 


Now is a great time to learn as meetings begin to ramp up -- especially if you are a buyer considering taking on the growing trend of travel and meetings integration.  We look forward to you joining us.

The Courses

The complimentary courses are deep dives on business travel topics and skills sets including airline and hotel negotiations, duty of care, procurement, technology, TMC contracts, meetings -- even career management and personal brand.  

This MODULE: Meetings 
, is open now for registration. 


We hope this is an opportunity for our valued colleagues to continue to learn and hone skills during an uncertain travel market.

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Master Class:
Meetings Management

Begins Monday Aug 16, 11am CST
Make-up begins Aug 23, 10am CST

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How It Works


Review the courses for Our current module below.


Interested?  Complete the form to receive your enrollment and calendar invitations for the current module.


Attend the sessions.  GoldSpring Master's Certification is available for each module if you choose.


Master Class 

Schedule & Class Descriptions
All classes are Monday 11am CDT and last 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

All make-up classes are  Monday, 10am CDT one week following the original session.

Meetings Management

Cindy Fisher - GoldSpring Consulting - W

Cindy Fisher

SVP Strategic Business Dev.

GoldSpring Consulting

Kristel Nesrallah.png

Kristel Nesrallah

Senior Consultant

GoldSpring Consulting


Monday, Aug 16, 11am CST

(make up Mon Aug 23, 10am CST)

Class I:  The Impact of the Meetings & Events Journey

Instructors:  Cindy Fisher, SVP, GoldSpring Consulting 

Let's set the foundation for this module with a look at meetings and events history and its progression to today.  We'll look at definitions, meetings types, the Strategic Meetings Management wheel, the meetings maturity index, and you will gain an understanding of how travel and meetings work together. 


Monday, Aug 23, 11am CST

(make up Mon Aug 30, 10am CST)

Class II: Designing a Leading and Effective M&E Program

Instructor:  Cindy Fisher, SVP, GoldSpring Consulting and Kristel Nesrallah, Sr. Consultant, GoldSpring Consulting

In this class, we will cover a meetings assessment framework so you can visualize the components for meetings management success.  We'll also dive in to the components of an end to end meetings program and the  Strategic Meetings Management ecosystem to cover creating and designing various program operating models.


Monday, Aug 30, 11am CST

(make up Sep 13, 10am CST)

Class III: Engaging the Meetings Stakeholder

Instructors:  Cindy Fisher, SVP, GoldSpring Consulting and Kristel Nesrallah, Sr. Consultant, GoldSpring Consulting

Take a look at who the meetings stakeholder and strategies to progress to proactive advocates.  See some stakeholder feedback mechanisms, typical results and strategies for action.  We also cover supporting tools and technology.


Monday, Sep 13, 11am CST

(make up Sep 20, 10am CST)

Class IV:  Program Financial Modeling and Supporting Elements

Instructors: Cindy Fisher, SVP, GoldSpring Consulting and Kristel Nesrallah, Sr. Consultant, GoldSpring Consulting

Get insight on resource modeling and structure options.  How do you manage budgets and gain funding?  We will go into contract execution, opportunities and pitfalls to avoid.  Everything needed to set up M&E for success.


Monday, Sep 20, 11am CST

(No Make Up Session, This is Q&A Only)

Class V: Open Q&A Session

Instructors: Cindy Fisher, SVP, GoldSpring Consulting and Kristel Nesrallah, Sr. Consultant, GoldSpring Consulting

It's a wrap-up Q&A session...ask away.  Our experts are on the line to assist.  This is an optional class and is not required to receive our Meetings Management Master Class certification.

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