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Now open to all business travel industry professionals during this uncertain time, complimentary.


Business travel “Master's” training sponsored and facilitated by GoldSpring Consulting.  


Our out of work colleagues may not be tapped in right now to the usual channels, so please reach out if you can.

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Hotel Program Management
Master Class

June 2022

Mary Bole

Emily Duchene

Cher Fuller

Amanda Honsaker

Michael Jacques

Tammy Kuntz

Phyllis Nakano

Claudia Podgorny

Shanna Selinger

Maria Sibio

Robin Stewart

Blake Svendsen

Pamela Taylor

Marilyn Townsend

Adam Turetsky

Seth Wood

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Airline Program Management
Every Monday, June 13 - July 16

Our Airline Master Class returns!  Neil Hammond, GoldSpring Partner, teaches an in-depth series on Airline Program Management and business travel. 

This is a must-attend for any business travel professional.  We cover the evolution of airlines and corporate travel management, airline data sources and analyses, negotiations, program assessment, airline RFP and complete airline program management.  We look forward to you joining us.


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The Courses

The complementary courses are deep dives on business travel topics and skill sets including airline and hotel negotiations, duty of care, procurement, technology, TMC contracts, meetings -- even career management and personal brand.  

This MODULE: Airline Program Management, is open now for registration. 


We hope this is an opportunity for our valued colleagues to continue to learn and hone skills during an uncertain travel market.

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Airline Program Management
Begins Mon, June 13,  11am CST

(Make-up begins Mon June 20, 10am CDT)

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How It Works


Review the courses for Our current module below.


Interested?  Complete the form to receive your enrollment and calendar invitations for the current module.


Attend the sessions.  GoldSpring Master's Certification is available for each module if you choose.


Master Class 

Schedule & Class Descriptions
All classes are Monday 11am CST and last 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

All make-up classes are  Monday, 10am CST one week following the original session.

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Your Instructor

Neil Hammond, 
Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

Class I: Airline Industry Overview

Mon, June 13, 11:00 am CDT (make up Mon, June 20, 10am CDT)

A pre-Covid look at the overall industry dynamics and economics and projections. Why do the relationships seem so strange? What are the barriers to true competition in the industry and what are some of the game changers on the horizon? We also look at the basic concepts and pre-requisites behind corporate contracts

Class II: Data, QSI and Contract Performance Targets

Mon, June 20, 11:00 am CDT (make up Mon, June 27, 10am CDT)
How we should look at data, how to gather data and why to explain the discrepancies between different sources. What is QSI and how to use it to understand and negotiate contractual performance targets

​Class III:  Airline Pricing, Revenue Management and Corporate Rates

Mon, June 27, 11:00 am CDT (make up Mon, July 11, 10am CDT)

Why is airline pricing so complex and what are their goals. What are the strategies and tactics in the way this is managed, and measured and how does this convert into corporate deals. Are discounts the only facts, how do you negotiate for value components and how will NDC change the way we manage our programs

Class IV: Program Assessment 

Mon, July 11, 11:00 am CDT  (make up Mon, July 18, 10am CDT)

We walk through a typical air program assessment to identify the key points and how they shape your air program strategy.

Class V:  RFP Strategy, Scenario Modelling and Program Management

Mon, July 18, 11:00 am CDT (make up Mon, July 25, 10am CDT)

How to execute a successful Airline RFP and also build different models for evaluation and decision support. We then look at how to convert everything we have learned into successful air program management to keep your program optimized.

Class VI:  Open Question and Answers

Mon, July 25, 11:00 am CDT

This optional class is offered for an open dialogue of questions and answers from the previous classwork. 

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