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Now open to all business travel industry professionals during this uncertain time, complimentary.


Business travel “Master's” training sponsored and facilitated by GoldSpring Consulting.  


Our out of work colleagues may not be tapped in right now to the usual channels, so please reach out if you can.

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We are honored to announce the following
individuals recently completed:
Master Class Module I:
Airline Program Management - April 2021

Veronique Adrien

Sue Aime

Rosie Albright

Elise Antonelli

Graeme Basson

Robert Belliveau

Carrie Bowman

Holly Breece

Vanessa Brooks

Michelle Brown

Cary Casas

Xi Chang

Tammy Clark

Theresa Coffey

Phyllis Coulter

Dawn Crawford

Beth Cregier

Maricell Cruz

Susan Dahlen

Scott Dean

Tracy DeBarr

Katelyn Doherty

Kari Donahue

Kelly Duggan

Thomas Dusing

Carol Ecob

Kimberly Egan

Brian Elsden

Sharon Fogarty

Stephen Gheerow

Steven Glick

Kathy Grabic

Linda Gray

Lisa Grogan

Afsaneh Hakimi

Layne Hill

Beth Hotchko

Bobbi Huber

Cindy Jacisin

Nancy Jaeger

Rebecca Jeffries

Tricia Jenkins

Dawn Judson

Laura Kangiser

Kathy Kent

Monyrith King

Claire Langford

Christine Lardizabal

Endeve Larmond

Kristina Laurel

Fabiola Lopez

JoAnn Loreto

Maruca Malloy

Andrea Manley

Sandra Marie

Lori McIntyre

Sophia Machado

Sandra Markotter

Cameron McLeod

Jennifer Meyer

Melinda Miller

Bill Monica

Kyle Murphy

Robert Murphy

Nari Narvani

Steve Neuman

Charlene Novak

Dawn OHearn

Victor Oliveras

Brenda Ortman

Anne Oxley

Angela Paulus

Kelly Pereda

Amy Perrone

Denise Proper

Patricia Pruitt

Nidia Quintero

Sheral Ramcharan

Amy Rayca

Debra Reid

Mary Romano

Sylvie Rothenberg

Trish Rothman

Katie Schaefer

Kurt Schober

Scott Seager

Brenda Sherman

Aash Shravah

Brian Smith

Scott Snedaker

Lisa Steiner

Lindy Tade

Gary Trahan

Christina Tran - Wu

Karen Tripp

Adam Turetsky

Kelly Wagner

Deborah Willis

Teresa Zappulla

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Module III - Hotel Program Management 

Every Monday, May 17 - June 28

Learn from Neil Hammond, GoldSpring partner, as we discuss everything you need to know about Hotel Program Management.   We're repeating this popular course, but feel free to join us again if you want to brush up.  We're covering a lot of in-depth material!

This is a must attend for any business travel professional.  Neil will cover the evolution of hotels and corporate travel management, hotel data sources and analyses, negotiations, program assessment, hotel RFP and complete hotel program management (pre- and post-Covid!).  We look forward to you joining us.

The Courses

The complimentary courses are deep dives on business travel topics and skills sets including airline and hotel negotiations, duty of care, procurement, technology, TMC contracts, meetings -- even career management and personal brand.  

MODULE III, Hotel Program Management, is open now for registration. 


We hope this is an opportunity for our valued colleagues to continue to learn and hone skills during an uncertain travel market.

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Master Class Module III:
Hotel Program Management

Begins May 17, 11am CST

Starting Late? 

Make Up begins Mah 24, 10am CST

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How It Works


Review the courses for Module 3  below.


Interested?  Complete the form to receive your enrollment and calendar invitations for the current module.


Attend the sessions.  GoldSpring Master's Certification is available for each module if you choose.


Master Class Module III

Schedule & Class Descriptions
All classes are Monday 11am CDT and last 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

All make-up classes are  Monday, 10am CDT one week following the original session.

Hotel Program Management

Once again, we're inviting you to take notes from expert Neil Hammond as he explores the topic of Hotel Program Management for this Master Class Module! 

Neil brings more than 20 years of experience in corporate travel management.  He began his his career at Schlumberger, eventually becoming its global travel manager charged with the consolidation of its $360 million travel budget and encompassing more than 40 countries.  In 2012, Neil joined Advito as Director of Client Travel Services, and led a team of travel consultants tasked with air and hotel sourcing projects for its multinational clients.  


Neil joined GoldSpring Consulting in April 2014.  He leads the air and hotel sourcing divisions for GoldSpring, among others. His proprietary SpringBoard Hotel Manager analyzes proposals from hoteliers in a more efficient manner, significantly reducing project timelines in the hotel selection process for clients.  Neil and the GoldSpring Team share a’ mission to provide independent travel management advice, backed by years of industry experience and supported by cutting-edge technology.


Monday, May 17, 11am CST

(make up Mon May 24, 10am CST)

Class I:  Hotel Industry Overview
Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

Let’s take a look at the evolution of the lodging industry and cover industry dynamics, economics and projections. We will explore the development of brands, chains and look at the key aspects of distribution relevant to the business travel industry. This session also provides an overview of different hotel types and recent disruptors in the industry.


Monday, May 24, 11am CST

(make up Mon June 7, 10am CST)

Class II: Data, Data, and Data
Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

In this class, learn about how you should gather data to assess your hotel program.  We will explore sources and explain the strong and weak points between different sources of data.  Most importantly, learn how to use data to assemble the most representative picture of a corporate travel hotel program.

Monday, June 7, 11am CST

(make up June 14, 10am CST)

Class III: Hotel Pricing, Revenue Management and Corporate Rates
Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

This class explores how hotel pricing is structured and the key metrics and goals hotel revenue managers typically use.  Join in on an interactive game to better understand the dynamics of hotel revenue optimization.  Learn about different rate types, how to negotiate for value components and how Covid changes the way corporate travel programs are managed.


Monday, June 14, 11am CST

(make up June 21, 10am CST)

Class IV: Hotel Program Assessment
Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

Let’s walk through a typical hotel program assessment to identify critical areas for consideration.  We’ll look at key success factors, how we measure for success and the elements that truly shape corporate hotel program strategy, implementation and optimization. 


Monday, June 21, 11am CST

(make up June 28, 10am CST)

Class V: Hotel Program Management Now and In the Future
Instructor:  Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

First, learn how to execute a successful Hotel RFP in the pre-Covid world.  We will discuss how to analyze hotel bids for effective evaluation and decision support while considering the tools and technology typically deployed.  Then, let’s take a smart look at how Covid has changed the way we manage our corporate hotel programs and the impacts to hotel sourcing in the future.


Monday, June 28, 11am CST

(No Make Up Session, This is Q&A Only)

Class VI: Open Q&A Session
Neil Hammond, Partner, GoldSpring Consulting

It's a wrap-up Q&A session...ask away.  Our experts are on the line to assist.  This is an optional class and is not required to receive our Hotel Program Master Class certification. 

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