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Neil Hammond


Neil Hammond, partner at GoldSpring, an independent travel management consultancy company, brings more than 20 years of experience in corporate travel management, first as a corporate travel buyer and later as a consultant, to a wide array of organizations. Neil began his career at Schlumberger, and held various management positions in its manufacturing, supply chain and quality assurance departments. Later, he was named Schlumberger’s global travel manager, charged with the consolidation of its $360 million travel budget, encompassing more than 40 countries.


In 2012, Neil joined Advito as Director of Client Travel Services, and led a team of travel consultants tasked with air and hotel sourcing projects for its multinational clients. As a corporate travel buyer, Neil recognized there was a gap in the marketplace when it came to streamlining air and hotel sourcing projects. As a result, he founded SmartKapps in 2013, where he developed proprietary technology tools, now known as SpringBoard Air Manager™ and SpringBoard Hotel Manager™.


Neil joined GoldSpring Consulting in April 2014 because he believed its founding partners’ vision matched his desire to provide independent travel management advice, backed by years of industry experience and supported by cutting-edge technology. Neil leads the air and hotel sourcing division for GoldSpring. The proprietary SpringBoard Air Manager™ tool is used to analyze corporate airline programs, bringing value-added cost savings to corporate travel buyers. SpringBoard Hotel Manager™ analyzes proposals from hoteliers in a more efficient manner, significantly reducing project timelines in the hotel selection process for clients. Neil also leads the travel policy practice for GoldSpring. He has conducted numerous policy benchmark and analysis projects for clients, helping ensure their programs are optimally supported to achieve company goals. He also developed the proprietary SpringBoard Travel Policy Manager™ tool for GoldSpring, designed to assess policy elements and benchmark them against comparable industry programs.


Throughout his career, Neil has conducted independent travel consulting projects. His deep-rooted understanding of air and hotel sourcing, both from a corporate travel buyer and travel management consultant perspective, has established him as a leader in the field.

As a frequent guest speaker on the topic, Neil’s engaging presentations shed light on the impact of inefficiencies in air and hotel consolidation processes. Neil received a Bachelor Degree in Physics from Salford University, Manchester, England.

Neil Hammond

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