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Is Long-Haul Rail Travel A Viable Alternative to Air?

I recently did a Vlog series exploring whether long-haul rail travel is a viable option to air for business travel. 


For both EMEA programs and North American programs with EMEA regional presence, the question is whether long-haul rail is a feasible and worthy endeavor for travel managers to pursue.  


I took my camera on the road and documented the rail experience first-hand, considering both the traveler experience and the impact to the travel program.  Here are just a few take aways:


  • The traveler experience was not luxurious, but it certainly met my needs.  Space is tight but functional and I had access to all the necessary amenities, slept well and woke up to breakfast refreshed and ready for my meeting.  The colorful details are in Vlogs 2 & 3 from the train.

  • Rail is a cost-effective alternative to the long-haul flight for any travel program, and based on my experience, travelers may be takers – especially considering the easy access to rail and the avoidance of the busy airport with early arrival times required, complicated parking and the hassle of airport security.

  • In addition to the cost benefits, there are others including sustainability and productivity.


Take a look, and I hope you get some insights about whether to pursue this strategy for your travel program!

VLOG 1: Insights before travel.

VLOG 2: Insights after boarding.

VLOG 3: Rested?

Insights from the train the next morning.

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