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ROE - Return on Emotional: Impacting and Measuring Emotions in Corporate Events! Are you ready for increased meeting engagement and results?

April 26th at 11 AM CT

We can say that just like breathing, emotion is a powerful technology that has been with human beings forever. The fact is that it became so automatic that we ended up not noticing its movements and impacts. During our session we will (re)discover "that feeling", practice building feelings and develop together a strategy for Meetings & Events. All with the end result of increased meeting engagement and results.

The ROE is an original methodology developed by GoldSpring's Director of Latin America, Gustavo Elbaum, that combined Neuroplasticity and Emotional Intelligence Sciences associated with GoldSpring professionals expertise in the Meeting & Events Industry.

What we will cover:

- Why Emotion is important for us and for business

- What is the Emotion Flow Concept for Meetings & Events and how to implement it

- Understanding the States of Emotion and its applications (by Marc Brackett, Ph.D.)

- Assuming the brain control and how to influence it (Neuroplasticity by MIT)

- Business Cases on Emotion Flow design for Meetings and Events

- How to measure ROE – Return on Emotional


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