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Do your policies correctly support your business strategy?

  • Have you reviewed your travel, meetings, expense and risk policy since 2021?

  • Does it incorporate all aspects of your travel program?

  • Is it aligned with organization’s health and safety protocols?

  • How does it address sustainability?

  • Is it clear and concise? 

  • How does it compare to your peers in the chase for talent? 

GoldSpring’s consultants, utilizing our proprietary tool (SpringBoard Policy Manager), solves for these questions. 

In addition: 

  • Benchmark with the market and your peers

  • Score all policy areas with sample language for improvement

  • Identify and solve for policy loopholes and voids

  • “Pressure test” to determine strengths and weaknesses 

  • Redraft policies (if needed)

Yes! I want to improve my travel policy
Which policy areas would you like to discuss?
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