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Key Travel Program Considerations in 2023 - #1 Abundant AI

As we plan for 2023, there are several key considerations that we must take into account. One of these is AI and machine learning. With the rise of companies such as ChatGBT, the speed of change in this field is astonishing. AI and machine learning will soon automate low value tasks and reduce costs for suppliers. Additionally, surely it will personalize services and create dynamic policies that can adjust to individual travel stressors.

To prepare, we must reset our strategy and take a wide view of the situation. We must also stay engaged and communicate frequently with our stakeholders. Seeking supplier responsiveness and steering our stakeholders are also important steps to take. Lastly, buyers should take their place in the spotlight and plot their progress in order to demonstrate success.

By taking these steps, we can make sure that our strategies are successful as we plan for 2023 and beyond.

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