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Overcome These Common Strategy Mistakes for Better Travel Management Results

As you consider your go-forward travel management strategy, consider avoiding these four common strategy mistakes.

First mistake: front-loading your strategy. Too much strategic energy into ideation can leave little behind for the execution phase. it often needs to build slowly over time and eases into becoming business as usual, and we have to be realistic about project timelines and allow not only ourselves but others to create a space to finish.

The second common strategy mistake is ignoring culture. The mechanism is the people, and it relies on engagement and transparency. Ignoring culture can lead to a failed strategy.

The third mistake: relying on what others tell you to do. Others can provide frameworks, methodologies, tools and research, and market intelligence. But you have to own the strategy because you will be the one delivering it.

And lastly, overcomplicating strategy. It has to be simple enough for all to understand, but limited enough so we could focus on success in a few areas.


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