Tue, Dec 1, 11am CTD - 30 min.

(recording will be available)

Buyers only please.


The TMC Reset Tidal Wave  

How Travel Buyers Can Manage Impact

TMC closures and acquisitions continue to upend current buyer strategies.  GoldSpring is already seeing momentum with agencies  forced to rework commercial agreements in all key areas: financial, legal and service.  The power and scale of the tidal wave cannot hold for much longer from its inevitable crash. 


Be ready for impact:

  • Higher costs

  • Workflow changes

  • New budget configurations

  • Perception and service issues

Smart buyers will immediately rework agreements or go to bid to drive a reset of expectations and deliverables.  Success will be very difficult to achieve with your key infrastructure partner without a reset.


In this webinar, learn to:

  • REVIEW incumbent TMC service approach, contract terms, technology, and other key performance indicators.

  • CONSIDER improvements using key evaluation methodologies, baseline cost measures, potential bid process, review of various service strategies, development of key success metrics.

  • NEGOTIATE as required on terms, pricing, performance and service levels.

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