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GoldSpring Webinar

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Doing the Most with Less:
Best Practices for Managing Travel with Limited Resources

June 6th at 11:00 AM CT

Too much time on your hands? Is your job too easy? Of course not, so join us for our "Doing the Most with Less" webinar as we explore best practices for managing travel with limited resources and time.


You'll learn tips and tricks for better time management, effective use of staff, and how to leverage internal help - all from travel buyer case studies! Each case study was designed to "do it now, with little help, and make it super valuable!"

Your Hosts


Cindy Fisher

SVP, Strategic Business Development


Carrie Garnett

Senior Consultant


Shawnda Witterstaetter

Senior Consultant

Will Tate GoldSpring Consulting.jpg

Will Tate



Samantha Barrett-Wallis

Senior Consultant - Canada

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