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GoldSpring Consulting in Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report

GoldSpring Consulting partner, Will Tate, added insight to the recently published report, “Travel Culture: Your Competitive Advantage in a Global Market” from Egencia and HBR Analytic Services.


According to a recent press release from Egencia, the research reveals that over the last year, companies with a strong travel culture had double the rate of improvement in key areas compared to companies with a weak travel culture:

  • Customer Loyalty and Retention (50 percent vs 21 percent)

  • Market Share (43 percent vs 22 percent)

  • Employee Satisfaction (35 percent vs 15 percent)

Even profitability improved significantly (47 percent vs 29 percent), proving the staggering impact a well-managed business travel program can have on achieving solid business results.

In the full report, Tate adds color to the numbers by touching on:

  • Why business travel continues to increase exponentially

  • How travelers translate to better business performance

  • The value of travel as a strategic investment

  • The holy grail of travel management

Additional report highlights already published include:

More than half of business leaders agreed that having a strong travel culture is very important to their organizations' business performance today

Only a third of respondents say their organization actually has a strong travel culture with the majority admitting it's most often viewed as a cost to be minimized

Companies with a strong travel culture have seen significant improvements in customer loyalty and retention, profitability, market share and employee satisfaction

This is only a small sampling of the numbers, insights and conclusions within the 12-page report.  Download your own copy here: Travel Culture: Your Competitive Advantage in a Global Market


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