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By Deb Blowers, Senior Consultant

We recently welcomed a 4-month-old puppy into our home. He requires daily engagement, a training strategy to make him successful, and clear rules to help him adjust to his new surroundings. Just as a puppy needs all these things, so does a TMC RFP project to be successful. Here are 3 best practices for a successful TMC bid.

1. Gain stakeholder engagement:

  • A crucial step in the TMC Bid process is to gain your stakeholder support and to keep them engaged throughout the life of the project. GoldSpring SpringBoard Survey can help you with stakeholder engagement early on and define opportunities to improve your RFP results.

2. Define success through a sourcing strategy:

  • A good sourcing strategy defines what a successful project will look like at completion. Doing this exercise early on can provide the pillars of your project and help manage your stakeholder expectations throughout the project.

3. Define business requirements:

  • Provide your bidders a good set of requirements by using your current program operations and pricing knowledge. This will allow the bidder to define and create working solutions on your behalf. Using GoldSpring Springboard Travel Bidding can help you establish your baseline and streamline your bid throughout the life of the project.

Just as our puppy needs engagement, a strategy, and a clear set of rules to make him successful so does a TMC RFP bid.


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